Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Boston Three Party

The Boston Celtics are on a roll in the 07-08 season, with new pickups including NBA superstars Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Allen a three point bomber, and Garnett a 6'10 Big man that can do it all. These two additions are one of the biggest pickups for the Celtics in years, in spite of this amazing additions the Celtics are on a roll with the best record in the NBA at 33-6 which is an absolutely phenomenal record. Being in the Eastern Conference they are definitely put up to a challenge, but they are actually dominating the division. With new draft picks Glen Davis from LSU and Gabe Pruitt from USC they are dominating. Since Larry Bird's Celtics in the 80's the Celtics have not really been dominate. But until now they are absolutely unstoppable.
Kendrick Perkins scored a career-high 24 points as the Celtics defeated the Knicks, 109-93, in their MLK matinee at MSG. Perkins scored 22 first-half points before cooling off in the second and deferring to Kevin Garnett, who finished with 20 points and a team-high 13 rebounds.
Four Celtics scored in double figures, including Ray Allen who had 17, as Boston won its third in a row and improved to a perfect 10-0 in the Atlantic Division. The Celtics' overall record now stands at 33-6, best in the NBA. That is the Celtics third straight win. The trade is definetly paying off, that was a great move by the GM.

Back in the 80's the Celtics had some very hard fought battles with the Los Angeles Lakers. Their were brawls, amazing plays, and nail bitters to remember forever. Its gonna be a hrad fought battle the next time these two fireballs meet. They are raging balls of anger built up to beat eachother to a pulp. Also Joey Beilak slammed last night for the first time in his NBA career. The Celtics will always be a pure dynasty, hands down best team ever in the NBA history along with Dave Wanno and Johnny DiVi leading the way.


raindrops said...

Dave wanno and johhny Divi are two solid players lets hope they can lead the way for the celtics in hopes of an NBA championship

Kevin11001 said...

I think that this blog was very true and helpful, I now know much more about the celtics